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Digital Marketing is not just to setup and manage campaigns. Every Digital marketer need to understand basics of webdesign so that customers when they land on Client Websites – they should find the information quickly and submit their details or complete a purchase in case of ecommerce site.

Let us discuss here what are the things that you need to know as Campaign manager, PPC Expert or Digital Marketer about webdesign. Important is Goal of the Campaign we are planning like Form submission or Email or Requesting call or Product purchase we have to plan our webdesign around this goal.

Please discuss clearly with your campaign manager what content he is expecting on this landing pages. Search Engine OptimisationOn page optimization should cover this.

Landing Page – So when a user finds the adcreative in search engine or facebook – he will click on the ad and lands on a specific page on the website. This landing page should have information of product or service we are trying to sell with call  to action visible.

We need to optimize this page to use keywords also to get some quality score for ad. We need to put all the product or service information we want to promote here and not sending user to other pages of website..We have to make sure this landing page call to action works means sends us mail when details submitted.


WordPress provides excellent features to manage this content on landing pages and plugins to embed forms in to landing pages using simple single word (form short codes) .you can use this short code where ever you want in banner or sidebar or content area so when user makes a decision to submit the details after browsing the related pages. So we have to link all related pages in site wisely so user will not be distracted to some other product or service.


Tracking landing pages is very important for campaign manager how many visits are convered to leads, we have to embed a tracking code on to the pages so we see user journey and till submitting details to us. Google Analytics is something we use mostly to track page analytics. It is not complex for even novice to register with google analytics and getting a tracking code and embedding using wordpress plugin (like All In One SEO Plugin). We can use google conversion tracking also to clearly find.. how many visits are converted in to Leads by adding some extra  tracking code to landing page and form submission page & thank you page (We have to place in the code in this page) Google tag manager is really good tool makes job easy for even campaign managers can do this with basic knowledge of html.

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