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Nowadays most of the sales are online and if you have a product without e-commerce store,  you will not be selling more.  Here we will tell you how to get online and start selling at almost zero cost. 

The 4 important things that you need to think about are a good Webdesign, Store Management, Payment Gateway & Product Delivery.


A good web design will always provide the information that user expecting straightforward. Say within 3 clicks. So webdesign should have good look and feel. and logically correct so the customer can make reach the product and complete payment process. Any incomplete information during this process will low your conversions even if you have a better campaign.

Webdesign should be responsive means same web design will fit desktop, mobile and iPad and will not have any problems in showing product data & navigation to other pages. So we have to look for always responsive webdesign using bootstrap frameworks (designers understand this).


Content Management System – WordPress

Ask your webdesigner for CMS Support design – means content management system which will be useful to manage website content like images and text on your own.

Go for wordpress (for content) with woocommerce (for shopping) easy solution to start with if you are going for online store for first time. Almost all ecommerce softwares come with inbuilt CMS to manage pages like Aboutus, Term & Conditions, Privacy policy, Return Policy etc.


Store Management – Product Categories, Products, Orders & Invoices

Managing products is difficult when your product catalog is constantly updated. So we need a software to manage this categories & products on websites and how we display them to the customer. We have really good software available in the market for this purpose.. like WooCommerce, OpenCart & Magento etc.

These softwares are free to use for commercial purpose as well. Don’t forget to mention your designer to  design the website for one of these software. Work on cost as per your requirements. Contact us for more information on Webdesign & Ecommerce .

Payment Gateway

Taking payments is the important stage of the shopping experience. Check with a couple of major Payment Gateway companies and discuss % they charge per transaction etc. You can consider Stripe, Paypal, Wordpay, Sagepay etc. Check with your bank before going with third-party companies, usually, every bank is linked to a payment gateway solution to help their business customers.

Integrating your store to payment gateway is not difficult as e-commerce software ask you for information that your payment gateway solution provides and with basic configuration  you have payment system ready

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