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Similar to software development, web site development also has various stages. We focus on web development stage by stage and stick to standards and procedures to attain maximum quality. Business IT Connect helps its clients to build an attractive web site. This article takes you through the various stages of web development.


Once the customer submits his request for website creation, a complete analysis is done. Many questions are raised like how the site is going to help the current system and in what ways the sites will help the business. A complete analysis would answer all these questions and also ensures resources like hardware, software and people are available to the development process. Web Development Company like us would perform a comprehensive study about the client’s requirements to perform a complete analysis.


Each and every aspect of the requirements is taken into consideration by the specification building. Specifications are drawn after considering every feature and requirements of the analysis.

Design and development

After specification building the actual work gets started. Customers come out with different graphics, navigation needs for the site. Now the design templates are shown to the customers. Based on client’s decision, design phase is worked out. In this phase the interactivity of the website is discussed with the customer. Our company is renowned for web development

Content writing

Content is the king for websites, so content creation is one of the main phases in web development. Professional content writers are available to write relevant and SEO keywords rich content. The text written by the content writers are placed in the appropriate pages of the site.


Now the programmer job starts where he adds the code without disturbing the developed design. The developer should understand the interface well and the code must not alter the appearance of the site or application. The developer should collaborate with the designer to understand the design interface and write the code appropriately.


Testing is very crucial for web based applications. Usually resolution testing, integration testing, load testing, scalability testing, and cross browser compatibility testing are some of the testing usually done to the application. Both automated and manual testing is done to develop an error free application. After performing all these testing, live testing is also done for web based applications.


Promotion is another important phase for web sites. This involves preparing Meta tags, consistent analysis and submitting the links to other directories and search engines. Site promotion will be changing consistently as it is based on the Google algorithms. There are lot of search engine optimization techniques to promote your site. we handles web promotion quickly and effectively.

Maintenance and updating

Updating sites is very imperative as customers would always go for fresh and new content. At the maintenance phase bug fixes are done. Sometimes during updating the site the whole process repeats from analysis to maintenance.

Usually all website follow the above stages, however there is no hard and fast rule that al should strictly adhere to above phases. Some web sites would not necessarily require all the phases. For web development services you can reach us any time.

Web Development & Customization Services :

  • Interactive e-commerce web sites with shopping cart and powerful and easily configurable store management from a Web Browser.
  • Utilize real-time payment processing or manual credit card processing and seamless integration of the online store into the overall Web site.
  • Integration payment gateway in your web site with paypal etc.
  • Integration of popular special networking sites like Facebook (using FBML), Twitter etc. using their APIs.
  • Integration of Google Video and Images API and MAP.
  • Integration of any RSS feed or aggregate RSS feeds.
  • Interactive photo gallery web sites.
  • Custom content management system (CMS).
  • Large scale custom portal.
  • Web-ready applications migrating from the legacy applications.
  • Magento Shopping cart integration.
  • Zen cart shopping cart Integration.
  • Joomla / virtue mart integration.
  • Drupal Customization .
  • WordPress Customization .
  • Search Engine Optimization .

Web Development Technologies

  • PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • MVC Frameworks (cakephp, codeigniter, Joomla,Drupal)
  • Flash Action Scripting (2.0, 3.0)

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