The Web Enabling / Development Process

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Consultation with our clients has been key to client satisfaction. We will help you to define the challenges your business website faces and guide you in how to best satisfy these requirements. The first step in the process to success it to help you identify your needs. Once this groundwork is complete, we can begin our process to devise for you the most successful technological and creative website solution.

Successful Web development is always the result of a structured process that is flexible enough to evolve with your needs and technological developments. This process is a collaboration that requires a close, consultative relationship between the client and us. In practice, the process will vary depending on the complexity of the website, but the key steps remain the same.

These are defined below:

PHASE 1 – Discover and Define

Objective: Understand clearly the voice of the prospective customer. When undertaking business on the Internet, we realise the importance of being clearly understood.Discovery: Initial client contact usually comes when the client submits a query on our web site, completes the Client Questionnaire or sends us an email. We approach each new enquiry recognising the possibility of discovering together the opportunities the web can offer their business. This may involve the following:

  • Business process evaluation: A study of the client’s present process or proposed business model. What does the client want from their website? What information do they want to collect from their visitors? Do they want to process information collected etc?
  • Proposal on web enabling, laying down the objectives and metrics for your site. Does the client require a database driven site, client login, shopping carts or an online brochure?

Define: The Client questionnaire has been designed with the objective of capturing the key requirements for the client’s website. It will help us get a clear understanding of the Vision and Scope of the project.

Once we have a clear understanding of the requirements, the design team prepares a ballpark estimate, based on a High-level Work Breakdown. Thereby providing the client the ability to appreciate the commitment financially in getting their web site up and running.

In the case of large web applications and websites, we recommend that our clients undertake a detailed analysis and requirements study. This service is available at a nominal cost, and the deliverables from this phase are:

  • Requirements Document
  • Level 1 Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Schedule
  • Payment schedule
  • Contract of Agreement

PHASE 2 – Design and Develop

We use the evolving iterative approach to web development. When you outsource your requirement of web solutions to us, we are sensitive to the fact that you require high visibility of the W.I.P (work in progress).For this reason, we have modified the model to incorporate high visibility and client involvement during the development cycle. At each stage along the development, a formal sign off is required, giving our client unparalleled control over the progress of the site. Here are the broad milestones in this process:

  1. Prototype: The first and crucial phase. The prototype shows you the shape of things to come. This is much more than just a visual representation. It represents all the screen elements in the final solution. This is the mould into which we start to breathe the breath of life! Feedback from the client is taken and required modifications are incorporated.
  2. Functional Specifications Document: Before commencing the site implementation, the L.E.I.S team produce a document outlining all the functional specifications based on the requirements gathered from the client. The client reviews this document and provides feedback again and with this, the requirements specifications are fully captured.
  3. The Proof of concept: The prototype evolves to its more complex level of existence. Many parts of the prototype spring to life. We have this intermediate delivery before the final delivery to establish the proof of concept. The client can now almost feel the solution that he/she had entrusted us to develop. What remains now is just formality. Our production engine hauls the project to completion.
  4. Change Control and Requirements Management: Our process accommodates for effective change management, since we recognise that project requirements are influenced by critical change factors.

PHASE 3 – Authenticate, Deploy and Deliver

The BusinessITConnect team implements final testing and debugging of the platform. The client is presented the solution to ensure all formatting, design and technical issues have been addressed to the agreed criteria. Any final tweaks and amendments are made prior to the Launch. There are no surprises, and no tense expectations on the date of delivery. With the high level of visibility we provide our clients, you will see the work evolve before your eyes.

Performance of the application is monitored for a period of one month if there is no site maintenance agreement. Any problems found during this period will be resolved, without any additional cost to the customer.

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